About us

JSC UNII is a reliable wholesaler of chemical products and high-quality brush segments for airfield and road sweepers.

Company is focused on supplying environmentally friendly high performance UniSalt snow melt and de-icing products, developed for airport runways, highways, roads and sidewalks. De-icers have international AMS, AIR, LFV certificates. They are friendly to aquatic life and vegetation, have low corrosion rates and easily biodegrade. Depending on specific needs, we are ready to provide right de-icing products.

JSC UNII is a manufacturer and seller of A.T.B. brush segments, developed for high-speed airfield sweepers and road sweeping machines. Cassette brushes are appropriate for Boschung, Overaasen, Schmidt, Vammas and other airport sweepers. Company offers high-quality frost resistance polypropylene and steel ring brushes of various types and shapes, which are used by road sweepers.

We cooperate with industrial companies, main airports in Baltic States and airports in other European Union Countries. Our partners-manufacturers are based in Belgium, China, United States of America and Russian Federation.

We cherish the time of our customers and partners. Also we appreciate the honesty and reliability in cooperation so we strive maintain a high service and products quality.

Chemical products